What I am reading and what my son is watching.

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Dec 12th, '09, 22:04
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What I am reading and what my son is watching.

by chris&amy » Dec 12th, '09, 22:04

I am reading a book called "The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Milman and it is a true story that took place back in the late 60's. It is interesting that in just about every chapter there is a reference to drinking Tea. In the last chapter they were drinking a tea with Rose Hips.

My son likes watching a Japanese Anime show called Naruto and Avatar. Naruto the characters drink a lot of Tea and Avatar they drink a lot of Jasmin and Oolong teas.

Two years ago I we would have never paid any attention to the Tea references in movies or books but now it seem we are always looking for them.


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Dec 13th, '09, 15:40
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Re: What I am reading and what my son is watching.

by virago_ns » Dec 13th, '09, 15:40

"earl grey... hot" Jean-Luc Picard. Star Trek The Next Generation ran for 7 seasons and earl grey tea was even mentioned in several other Star Trek franchises after Next Generation. I image this helped the earl grey sales and the intoduction to tea to the trekkies... I know it was my first intoduction to earl grey as a child/teen. :mrgreen:

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