Dec 18th, '09, 00:23
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A tea when brewed is blue? Please Help!!!!

by mogget15 » Dec 18th, '09, 00:23

Hi, I've been searching for a tea when brewed is blue in color. I've searched high and low and have been unable to find it. I don't even know the proper name. I thought it was called "blue mallow tea", and I believe it is from the meditterranean. If anyone has any information about this tea, please answer this post. I would throughly appreciate it.

Dec 18th, '09, 01:38
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Re: A tea when brewed is blue? Please Help!!!!

by marvell » Dec 18th, '09, 01:38

Mallow tea is made of dry mallow flowers. One of the delights when drinking this tea is to watch the change of color. Transparent blue at first, then turn into fresh purple, longer it's light brown......and if you add a few drops of lemon half way, it may turns into pink. It's all about a visual joy.

Translated from a Chinese website, hope that helps.
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