gunpowder tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jan 6th, '07, 17:34
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gunpowder tea

by brada55306 » Jan 6th, '07, 17:34

I have to say I am amased at the concept of Adagio tea makers, and their teas are absolutely WONDERFUL. I have a few questions about tea, and maybe some of you can give me some suggestions.
I love gunpowder green tea from adiago, what are some other green teas that I would like or that are similar? What long term benefits does drinking tea have on the body (green, herbal, roobos)? How much is too much tea to drink in a day? I could easily drink 6-8 cups a day, I realize the caffiene is there, but I'm sure its alot less than coke or coffee. Thanks all... god I love this tea!! Any suggestions would be helpful.

Jan 6th, '07, 18:15
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by kissmyhuman » Jan 6th, '07, 18:15

Well as far as tea recommendations I can't really tell you anything. I don't buy from adagio, I just use the message boards.

In consideration to caffeine, if you're resteeping your tea, you can usually use the same leaves for 2 or 3 cups, the second and third cup are, for all intents, caffeine free. Basically if you make 6 cups, you're using two fresh infusions of green tea and thats roughly 40mg of caffeine, about the same amount in a 12oz Pepsi. You'll be perfectly fine.

Health benefits of green tea include reduction of halitosis, reduced rate of tooth decay, high levels of antioxidants, etc etc. It's not a "wonder tonic" but it's healthier overall than most of the processed drinks you could be consuming. With herbal teas, it depends on what you're making them out of, the most common kinds usually help with digestion like chamomile, mint, and rosemary. A good amount of herbal teas have rose hips which are a nice source of vitamin C. Roobios I'm not familiar enough to tell you anything.

Jan 6th, '07, 22:41
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by canadianpride » Jan 6th, '07, 22:41

I love the fact that you are so excited about Tea, especially Adagio. I am currently learning about Teas. I love once in a while going to one of our Tea Houses here in Canada. It proves to be quite an experience. Couldyou please tell me what is special about Adagio compared to other brands of Tea.

Jan 6th, '07, 23:02
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by teass » Jan 6th, '07, 23:02

mediocre, cheap, fast shipping

Jan 7th, '07, 22:35
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by canadianpride » Jan 7th, '07, 22:35

has anyone heard of Steeps Tea House here in Canada. they are awesome. It is an experience!! The Tea house has many teasfro greento black, from roobois to whatever. They shelves are in the centre of the House, you walk up and waft select the one you want and bring the tea up. If you want to buy you let them know what size and them place some in a tin for you. there are diferent levels of tea from exotic to rare ect. It truly is a full body experience.

If someone was to name some of the top names for tea what wouldthey be!!

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