Question on TriniTEA Mechanism

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Jan 1st, '10, 17:30
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Question on TriniTEA Mechanism

by Balchkat » Jan 1st, '10, 17:30

When putting the tea carafe (at the base of the unit) back on the heating plate, the "little mechanism" which, I assume, allows the water to flow from the steeping chamber into the carafe fell off. It's the "toggle" by the black tower of the unit which has a small spring. The "toggle" is held on by two pegs ON the toggle which fit into two loops on the tower UNDER the steeping chamber's "floor".

How do I put the toggle back onto the tower??? As has been noted on other posts, the new TriniTEA has no instruction manual per se--just two small sheets with brewing instructions only.


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Jan 1st, '10, 18:10
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Re: Question on TriniTEA Mechanism

by Chip » Jan 1st, '10, 18:10

Hi, welcome to the forum. I am moving this topic to Adagio>Feedback where they will likely find it. I left a "Shadow" under Teaware and Accessories for now.

Good luck!

Jan 1st, '10, 20:49
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Re: Question on TriniTEA Mechanism

by Balchkat » Jan 1st, '10, 20:49

Thanks, Chip. In the bit of time since the post, I just figured out how to re-attach the toggle-thing. And it's MORE secure now than when I took it out of the box.

LOVE this machine!! (I also have a Mrs. Tea and a Sunbeam Teaspot....and I'm finding that the TriniTea is, possibly, the simplest and most effective teamaker I own...)

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