Warming Teas

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Jan 5th, '10, 16:32
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Warming Teas

by herbalsage » Jan 5th, '10, 16:32

What sort of blends do you drink to warm the body?
During these cold days of the New Year, I have relied on my favorite simple, ginger root tea. I add local honey, make it strong, and savor the warmth.
What are your favorite warming teas?

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Jan 5th, '10, 17:45
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Re: Warming Teas

by teaisme » Jan 5th, '10, 17:45

oolongs! The stronger the better, gets my blood all pumping nice and warm
If your real cold then a good ginseng oolong

Jan 5th, '10, 18:32
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Re: Warming Teas

by bsteele » Jan 5th, '10, 18:32

Anything steeped in Whiskey ;)

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Jan 5th, '10, 19:12
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Re: Warming Teas

by Chip » Jan 5th, '10, 19:12

Temp turns cool, I grow longer hair and start home roasting Mugi (barley) and Genmai (rice). I will blend these for the most part and make it virtually every evening.

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Jan 5th, '10, 19:37
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Re: Warming Teas

by TubbyCow » Jan 5th, '10, 19:37

Chai all the way. Especially when it's a good loose-leaf prepared on the stove, since I get to stand in front of my nice, warm stove, which also happens to be next to a heat vent.

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Jan 6th, '10, 11:27
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Re: Warming Teas

by cls46 » Jan 6th, '10, 11:27

I agree with chai. The spices are really warming.

Jan 7th, '10, 02:20
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Re: Warming Teas

by Symmetry » Jan 7th, '10, 02:20

Chamomile and peppermint, 60/40%, with honey. I've had it since a child when sick and just to warm up, and it works wonderfully.

Lately I've discovered Rooibos and Honeybush also are soothing and nourishing, whereas masala chai is more for when you need to warm up and stay awake - midterms in winter, for example.

Jan 17th, '10, 21:57
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Re: Warming Teas

by Skippyandjif » Jan 17th, '10, 21:57

I find pu-erh to be warming, probably because of the strength of flavor and how much caffeine it has.

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Jan 17th, '10, 22:26
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Re: Warming Teas

by debunix » Jan 17th, '10, 22:26

Any tea helps when I'm cold, because I only make & drink hot tea.

This weekend I've had a cold and have been drinking a chamomile/hibiscus herb tea, gyokuro, yellow tea, and this evening I tried some puerh but am surprised that the smokiness is not as soothing as I expected, so I'll go back to the lighter side and drink some lighter taiwanese oolong. Usually when I'm really chilled in my always-too-cold office, smoky earthy puerh is the warmup of choice.

Jan 17th, '10, 22:34
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Re: Warming Teas

by Proinsias » Jan 17th, '10, 22:34

When it's very cold, this is the coldest it's been in my lifetime here, I like old tea and sometimes black/red tea.

After a cold winter's day I prefer to drink something that's also been through a lot. Heavily processed or aged, not something that tastes like the leaf that has just come off the bush.

Dark wuyi, roasted tie kuan yin, aged sheng, aged shu, qimen, that sort of thing.

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Jan 18th, '10, 09:57
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Re: Warming Teas

by gingkoseto » Jan 18th, '10, 09:57

bsteele wrote:Anything steeped in Whiskey ;)
That's surely warming for me :lol: I store some ginger brandy at home, almost never drink it except when I need warmth :D

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Jan 24th, '10, 22:18
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Re: Warming Teas

by ABx » Jan 24th, '10, 22:18

Nothing beats puerh in this regard :) Even a lot of shu (cooked/ripe/black puerh) will increase circulation to the point that it can make you feel like the thermostat has been turned up a notch or two.

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