Sore Throat Special

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Jan 11th, '10, 13:53
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Sore Throat Special

by bsteele » Jan 11th, '10, 13:53

So special.

Citron Green + Foxtrot + Lemon Grass

Image ... lend=10848

Jan 11th, '10, 16:38
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Re: Sore Throat Special

by beecrofter » Jan 11th, '10, 16:38

Try this as a soothing tisane- Luo Han Guo
As far as I can tell it has no nasty surprises/interactions.

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Jan 11th, '10, 17:24
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Re: Sore Throat Special

by cls46 » Jan 11th, '10, 17:24

I have a sore throat but it will hopefully be gone by the time this tea would get to my house :(

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