Golden Tea Garden Hayward, Ca

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Jan 8th, '10, 02:05
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Golden Tea Garden Hayward, Ca

by 20104Thecure » Jan 8th, '10, 02:05

The establishment is quaint and charming, so much so, that after my first visit I told friends, clients and neighbors about Beneba's business. Unfortunately during my second visit I had a horrific experience.

My tea was delivered to me in a faulty tea pot. The lid's opening was too large and the lid was not snug, so when I held the lid while pouring my tea into the cup, water spilled out from around the opening of the teapot lid.

My friend and I tried to stop the flow of water before in landed in my lap but we were not successful and my legs were burned. We got the attention of the waitress to let her know about my burn and requested a plastic bag filled with ice to help my legs cool.

When the owner came to the table to ask how I felt, she proceeded to explain that the water is brewed to an exacting temperature (I believe 200 degrees) she proceeded to explain the importance of holding the lid. I found this reponse to be quite insulting, considering that I had just explained that the lid did not fit properly. I reiterated that I held the tea pot properly and poured the tea properly. Then the owner, almost with hesitation, offered me burn cream for my legs, only to return to my table to inform me that she had none.

It was extemely busy on this particular afternoon, just a few days before XMAS. It took too long to get the check, and to my dismay I received one. It was extremely unprofessional to give me a bill considering my experience. I would have expected an apology along with an invitation to return with a guarantee of tea service on the house. Additonally, an offer should have been made to take care of my dry cleaning. On my first visit there, the owner shared that she practiced law prior to opening The Golden Tea Garden. I got the distinct impression that she was more concerned with the possibility of a law suit than truly taking care of my burn.

The experienced was dissapointing to say the least.

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Jan 11th, '10, 16:16
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Re: Golden Tea Garden Hayward, Ca

by teaisme » Jan 11th, '10, 16:16

There are a few things that bother me about this post.

Firstly you blamed the teapot. Even if the teapot had a loose lid your pour technique is what caused you to get burned. It is advisable to pour gently and not let the water level inside the teapot reach as high as the lid. You are angling too high for a pot that is not your own, one that you have limited experience with.

Secondly assuming the water was 200 degrees (but my guess is that it was lower by the time it hit you), how much water could have really touched your leg. It couldn't have been more then a couple ounces. I think you overreacted and expected pampering for something that did not require it. Whats the big deal! Tea drinkers burn themselves all the time esp in the beginning of tea exploration. I have spilled water at temps close to boiling on my skin before and its not that bad seriously. Just flush with some cold water if you must, I don't do a thing though because really its not hot enough to cause any real damage (for the small amounts of water we are talking about here). You also mention dry cleaning...this makes me think the water did not hit your skin directly..making it even less of a big deal.

Finally you say this happened to you on your second visit. Then you say the owner told you she had a history in law on the first visit. But the way you worded your post makes it seem like the owner told you her law history after the burn incidence.You try to link these two events together into one, making the owner look like she is trying to cover her tracks, when in fact she is not.

What a shame if someone has read your review and decided not to go to this tea room.
Sue sue sue, customer service customer service blah blah blah.
Honestly, cry me a river.

Jan 11th, '10, 16:29
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Re: Golden Tea Garden Hayward, Ca

by bsteele » Jan 11th, '10, 16:29

I like to pour almost boiling liquids directly over my lap, too... but in the nude.

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Jan 11th, '10, 18:29
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Re: Golden Tea Garden Hayward, Ca

by TubbyCow » Jan 11th, '10, 18:29

bsteele wrote:I like to pour almost boiling liquids directly over my lap, too... but in the nude.

Don't we all?

This review also bothered me for one key reason: You expected not to have to pay. Even if it was her fault and you're so hard done by, it's not fair to expect that you won't get a bill. That way when small businesses go out of their way to apologise and don't give you a bill, it's because that's what they should do rather than them having excellent customer service.

I'd prefer to think of a similar experience to the one above as average customer service, and if you didn't receive a bill, it'd be going above and beyond.

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Jan 12th, '10, 17:55
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Re: Golden Tea Garden Hayward, Ca

by teaisme » Jan 12th, '10, 17:55

TubbyCow wrote:bsteele wrote:I like to pour almost boiling liquids directly over my lap, too... but in the nude

This reminds me of something I heard about as growing trend in forest tourism in parts of the world, particularly in japan. People will go to the forest for a while then get naked and soak in the nature. I forget what it was called, something like 'forest breathing' , but does sounds fun and peaceful.

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