to buy or not to buy

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Jan 22nd, '07, 16:12
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to buy or not to buy

by guitarfreak2641 » Jan 22nd, '07, 16:12

I havent been drinking loose tea for very long I am still trying to find out what I like. I was looking at the dragonwell tea from adagio,and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is worth sampeling. I like teas like white monkey and li zi nutcracker,but i want to try new things.

Jan 22nd, '07, 19:04
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by lenny7 » Jan 22nd, '07, 19:04

I'm very much a rookie tea drinker (been drinkin' tea for just over a month) and haven't dabbled too much into the greens, but Adagio's Dragonwell is one of my favorites. I didn't "get it" at first, but by my third time trying it I was hooked. I get 2 great infusions from it and a third that's really good.

It's on my shortlist of teas that will become staples in my cupboard.

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Jan 22nd, '07, 19:48
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by Chip » Jan 22nd, '07, 19:48

...dragon well...aka long jing or lung ching, is the most popular tea in China. So, it is definately an area you will want to explore. Just remember that brewing temps for green teas are lower...also that green tea is much lighter in flavor than black or oolong.

Long jing is amoung my favoritea also. There are many grades and growing be prepared to explore a little and try new offerings.

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