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Discuss some of the favorite customer-created Signature Blends.

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Jan 12th, '10, 12:54
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New user SBs

by LauraW » Jan 12th, '10, 12:54

So I haven't had the chance (or the money) to try all the blends I have created so far, but there are a few I really like and would love to get some feedback on. Please help me out!

Those I'm particularly proud of:
Cran-Apple: ... blend=9596
Peach Flambee: ... lend=10851
Raspberry Earl Green: ... lend=10850
Caramel Delight: ... lend=10798

I've had a couple people buy this one already and would love to know what you think:
Chai Plus: ... blend=9595

Of course, comments on all of my blends are welcome, but I think these stand out among my creations and wanted to make them known here!