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Jan 12th, '10, 16:21
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Vacuum-sealed bags at home

by skilfautdire » Jan 12th, '10, 16:21

I was given recently a sizeable amount of North Vietnamese (oolong) móc càu tea, near at least half a kilo (haven't weigh it so far). I'm thinking about getting one of those vacuum-sealing machines that are commonly used at homes. Would it make sense to preserve the tea in such a way ? Anybody tried that ? - Cheers.

Jan 12th, '10, 16:33
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Re: Vacuum-sealed bags at home

by Zanaspus » Jan 12th, '10, 16:33

I have known several green tea lovers to go so far as vacuum seals with nitrogen to avoid any oxidation at all. However, IMO, for oolong, a little bit of air is a good thing (others will disagree, strongly I'm sure). I would just get a mason jar with a fresh inner lid and ring and store it in there. Oolong will change slightly over time and may need a roasting or two along the way, but it will be forever enjoyable (and cheaper) when stored as such.

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Jan 12th, '10, 17:27
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Re: Vacuum-sealed bags at home

by wyardley » Jan 12th, '10, 17:27

You can, especially if it's a rolled tea (which will crush less than a wiry or leaf shaped tea). But keep in mind that most home vacuum sealers don't work as well as the sealed chamber kind, and that you will want to make sure you use opaque bags without a discernable odor. Some may also require special bags with a channel down the middle.

I have used the Sorbent Systems sealer which is similar to a Food Saver; it's Ok, but it's difficult or impossible to get a perfect seal usually. The plus side is it's fairly cheap, and works with standard bags.

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Jan 12th, '10, 22:34
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Re: Vacuum-sealed bags at home

by Victoria » Jan 12th, '10, 22:34

I have been using the Reynolds Wrap vacuum sealer from the grocery store. Just leave the tea in the original packaging but with the top open, then put in the Reynolds bag and use the sealer. Works pretty well.

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Jan 13th, '10, 10:38
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Re: Vacuum-sealed bags at home

by gingkoseto » Jan 13th, '10, 10:38

I liker sealer and dislike vacuum. I wish all teas except for ball-shaped oolong are packed without vacuum.

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