gaiwan for pu erh?

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Jan 30th, '07, 23:03
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gaiwan for pu erh?

by maxman » Jan 30th, '07, 23:03

I saw them advertised for unfermented teas. Can they be used for pu erh? If so, how would it be used?

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Jan 31st, '07, 03:08
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by bearsbearsbears » Jan 31st, '07, 03:08

use it the same for pu'er as you would for any other tea...

1 heat gaiwan with hot water, pour out
2 put in pu'er
3 rinse pu'er (10-20 seconds), pour out
4 steep pu'er, pour into pitcher/cups
5 repeat step 4...


in sichuan and a few other places they drink green tea directly from the gaiwan, but this would overbrew most any tea including pu'er unless very little leaf was used.

[i'm in shanghai throwing all my money at teaware. So far I bought 8 gaiwans...!]

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Jan 31st, '07, 04:15
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by EvenOdd » Jan 31st, '07, 04:15

Gaiwans are for any tea. The glazed porcelain makes it a neutral vessel for brewing anything. I use a gaiwan for black, white, green, oolong, whatever.

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Jan 31st, '07, 14:05
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by Phyll » Jan 31st, '07, 14:05

8 gaiwans? Are they special "artsy" gaiwans, BBB?

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Feb 1st, '07, 04:30
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by bearsbearsbears » Feb 1st, '07, 04:30

Phyll wrote:8 gaiwans? Are they special "artsy" gaiwans, BBB?
They're special! One is a qinghua doucai gaiwan/pitcher set I got for a real deal. Another is a larger qinghua "continuous arabesque" pattern, again high quality for the price. The other 6 are antiques. 2 are supposedly late qing, one is a beauty by a river, the other is a crane/pine pattern. The other four are two identical pairs: a pair of fang hei gaiwans and a pair of fang hong gaiwans, both from mingguo period, all four with in shanshui patterns. And lots of cups, saucers, plates...


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Feb 7th, '07, 05:48
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Contact: MarshalN

by MarshalN » Feb 7th, '07, 05:48

Are you planning on hosting tea parties the rest of your life, or something?

It's an insane amount of teaware you're getting here...

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Feb 26th, '07, 22:53
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by maxman » Feb 26th, '07, 22:53

I got me a gaiwan and I've been brewing pu erh in it. If you have the time, it is the way to go. I think it gives a noticeably richer flavor to the brew. I put about a teaspoonful of broken up tea in the gaiwan. I cover that with boiling water then pour it out. Then I refill and let it steep for about 3 minutes. Umm boy. Good. I'll do about 2 or 3 more infusions. I just had to get used to the smaller quantity of tea, but I think its worth it.

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Feb 26th, '07, 23:41
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by Salsero » Feb 26th, '07, 23:41

Mmmmm, sounds luscious.

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