Pineapple Flavoured Tea

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Jul 11th, '09, 18:03
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Pineapple Flavoured Tea

by Juliaichka » Jul 11th, '09, 18:03

I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy Pineapple flavored tea on the internet?

Thx, Julia
I really like black tea :D

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Jul 11th, '09, 19:02
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by Ebtoulson » Jul 11th, '09, 19:02

Our host sells one Adagio's Pineapple Tea

You might want to look at some labeled tropical which normally has coconut and pineapple.

Jul 17th, '09, 20:39
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by silvermage2000 » Jul 17th, '09, 20:39

Teagschwender has a pineapple mango black thats pretty good.

Oct 16th, '09, 22:49
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Re: Pineapple Flavoured Tea

by Canadiangal » Oct 16th, '09, 22:49

I have a pineapple green tea by Higgins and Burke I think.

But personally I give up on most flavored teas and am now just making my own w frozen fruit cubes.
I find that was I can use the fruit cubes I made for ice tea, shakes, soda,cooking ect and saves me from more tea clutter and also a good way to use up all my plain teas.

For fruit I just puree the fruit add a bit of lemon and then put in a freezer tray then when frozen in a zip lock bag.
I have some noneydew cubes r ight now and much nicer than "flavour" or you can also eat them too :)

or I think some companies online sell flavors for cooking/food and i know of LorAnn brand oils and flavors they have like at least 100 on their site.
just put some in your tea or on the dry tea and let dry...

Nov 20th, '09, 16:59
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Re: Pineapple Flavoured Tea

by MFA » Nov 20th, '09, 16:59

re: canadiangirl. Now that is a cool idea. I just had some vanilla tea that didn't deliver - the last of several and I usually don't like "fruit-flavored" tea, but I think I will try the fruit cubes. very smart idea.

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Dec 4th, '09, 04:39
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Re: Pineapple Flavoured Tea

by tropicanahana » Dec 4th, '09, 04:39

I have one tea called "Pineapple Paradise" which is a loose leaf blend of sencha green tea, dried pineapple chunks, dried rose buds and blue flowers, and dried lemon peel. It's a subtle yet very pineapple-ly blend and I like it a lot!! It's from boston tea company: ... y_Code=BLT

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Jan 29th, '10, 21:40
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Re: Pineapple Flavoured Tea

by boywoodhe » Jan 29th, '10, 21:40

I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy Pineapple flavored tea on the internet?

Thx, Julia
I really like black tea :D

Hi, Julia
I bought some great pineapple black tea from
4oz for $5.75
PS...I wish adagio had pineapple tea in stock. :D
yours in tea

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Feb 5th, '10, 13:51
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Re: Pineapple Flavoured Tea

by Samovar » Feb 5th, '10, 13:51

Den's has a very nice pineapple sencha. ... th=130_252


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