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Jan 6th, '10, 16:45
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Charles » Jan 6th, '10, 16:45


Great story! Congratulations and enjoy!! :)

Jan 21st, '10, 22:50
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Skippyandjif » Jan 21st, '10, 22:50

I have loved tea literally since nursery school. My mother used to give me tea (with a lot of sugar, of course, hehe) in her mother's china teacups as a treat. Being a three or four year old girl, I was, of course, enthralled with the flowers on the teacups, and for the next few years, I liked tea both for the taste and for the association with comfort. It wasn't until high school that I became a serious tea drinker, eschewing Lipton for sencha, kukicha, oolong, various herbs, and whatever else I could find in the (unexpected) tea drinker's paradise that is New York City. Now I'm in college, and I still consider tea my number one comfort food, but I also appreciate it for its wide spectrum of tastes, aromas, and colors.

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Jan 21st, '10, 23:10
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by debunix » Jan 21st, '10, 23:10

I started by drinking the tea that came with meals in asian restaurants; then started buying and drinking loose tea, but stayed loyal to a couple of brands that my father introduced me to: jasmine in a yellow box, and ti kuan yin in the red box; and most anything herbal from Celestial Seasonings. I was afraid of the high prices in the fancy tea shops, to spend that much without knowing what I was getting.

It didn't go much beyond that until a job that came with a private office where I could keep an electric kettle and a drawer full of teas, and a serendipitous discovery of a couple of wonderful tea shops in my local chinatown. Then a wander through the cookbook section of the bookstore led to a book on tea, which gave me confidence enough to seek out and try a lot of different teas, find tea forums online, like this one, and now, there is a shelf for teawares and a shelf of teas at home, and a drawer full of teas and an office decorated with more teawares.

Jan 22nd, '10, 00:07
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by bsteele » Jan 22nd, '10, 00:07

Hmmm I think this is my tea story:

I once saw an article on Digg about tea... you know something to do with an alternative to coffee... it's healthy, whatever... and it had a link to Adagio in it. So I bookmarked it and put that in the back of my mind.

So for the longest time whenever I was at the mall, I always wanted to go into that "Teavana" place... then one day I decided to go in, was "assisted" in picking out and buying some overpriced crap... was annoyed by the experience... and found THE Teavana thread here on TC.

And somewhere along the line there, I remembered my aforementioned bookmark, bought some goodies from Adagio... ba-zing!!

I like tea now.

So perhaps my distaste for Teavana ignited my tea passion.

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Jan 23rd, '10, 23:26
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Cinnamon Kitty » Jan 23rd, '10, 23:26

During my senior year of high school, the advanced placement English class took a weekend trip to the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Canada. While researching what there was to do in Stratford, there was information on one of the guide pages for a tea shop. I had always preferred tea, mostly herbals, but just in tea bags up to that point. My friend and I decided to check out the tea shop. It was a little bit off the beaten path, but the lady who ran the shop was friendly and knowledgeable. We had a great time chatting with her, and both my friend and I ended up with some loose leaf tea. From that point forward, I was hooked.

Jan 23rd, '10, 23:45
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Proinsias » Jan 23rd, '10, 23:45

I've always drank tea, I'm British!

My passion for tea was ignited through meeting someone with a passion for, Chinese, tea.

I had some loose leaf greens, blacks and oolongs, I thought I knew my stuff. Then I went into a shop which had ten grades of long jing, and da hong pao which cost more than illicit substances, run by a woman who loved tea. I was suckered in instantly. The big teapot was dumped, gaiwan and yixing moved in.

Then the shop shut, she moved to Malaysia and I turned to Teachat.


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Jan 24th, '10, 10:08
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Charles » Jan 24th, '10, 10:08

LOL. Glad we could help support your addiction! :)

Jan 24th, '10, 16:13
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by ETimberlake » Jan 24th, '10, 16:13

For the longest time, tea had been presented to me as unflavored green tea or iced tea. While green tea can be delicious, it is just not my thing. When I went to Vancouver to visit a dear friend, her mother became absolutely distraught at my tea and coffee dislike. My first day there, they sat me down with some absolutely beautiful black tea, a light dessert one, and some Indian baked sweets.

The obsession began.

Through the entire week long trip, tea was what they plied me with for breakfast, tea time, and dinner, along with some herbal tea before bed. I left Vancouver craving Lady Gray.

On a reptile forum, someone brought up tea. I gushed of my love and then the Adagio website was linked to me. The person said loose tea was essentially cheaper, more tasty than the retail teas, even though they provided less caffine. Adagio is what brought me to the REAL world of tea. While I still adore Lady Gray and it is a preferred breakfast tea, the Adagio English Breakfast, Early Gray Bravo, and Irish Breakfast are my teas of choice PERIOD, the InGenui made it for me!

Sorry for the hugely long response but honestly my tea love was spurred by several different areas! Adagio is a huuuuge reason. Put a delicious cup of black tea with plenty of milk and two sugar (MMMM) and it's sure to convert any non-believer! (I've been told I adore tea with 'too much' milk but bah!)

Edited to add: is where I found out about you, just in case you were wondering!

Jan 27th, '10, 21:30
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Teaexaminer » Jan 27th, '10, 21:30

When I was growing up, tea is what we did. There was always tea available.
When I was in high school I went to China Town with my church group and discovered Jasmine Oolong tea. The other kids bought assorted junk. I bought the tea.
When I was 18, I discovered loose Earl Grey, the first I had ever seen, at The Cannery. My sister and brother got my parents to buy them assorted stuff. I asked for the tea.
We moved to Northern California and my mother discovered Japanese green tea. We then had to have an entire Japanese tea set and eat bean jelly. I loved it.
When I moved out of the house to go to college, my little brother bought me a teapot. He was only twelve, but he understood my passion.
So I can't really say what ignited my passion. It just sort of grew on its own. Tea is an overall aesthetic experience and I am, at least internally, a hedonist and a sensualist. I crave the sensations of tea, all of them, sight, sound, taste, fragrance, and feel.


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Jan 28th, '10, 09:13
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Charles » Jan 28th, '10, 09:13

Now THAT would make for a break-out advertising campaign for a beverage that is too-often seen as old fashion and boring!

Tea is for hedonists and sensualists. I love it! :)

Jan 31st, '10, 09:51
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by tatsumi09 » Jan 31st, '10, 09:51

It all started when my brother came back from a trip from Chicago with three paperbags with "Teavana" written on them, each with 2-4oz of tea. I remember the Rooibos orange was the one that got me addicted. After trying the tea and enjoying it, I made sure that I was going to visit their store next time I was in Chicago. When I visited their store I loved the fact that you can sample and smell tea, which made me buy a lot more than I thought I would. I would also include that the employees were very friendly and added to the experience.

Initial Interest: Blended flavored teas easy for first-time drinkers

Feb 6th, '10, 20:20
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Ian Bersten » Feb 6th, '10, 20:20

For forty years I listened to tea authorities and read all the books I could find and it bothered me that the words I read and heard were never matched in theh cup of tea I drank. It was the search to make tea and get the maximum flavour that kept my passion going. I knew about teh problems if coffee and they were different with tea.

Ian Bersten
Sydney Australia

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Feb 7th, '10, 15:11
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Tapar » Feb 7th, '10, 15:11

My first exposure to tea that I loved was at the local Chinese restaurants as a young child. I would add a metric ton of sugar and just couldn't get enough. I wasn't a huge fan of the food, but I was always excited when the family went because I loved the tea so much. The love of that tea has stuck with me to this day.

I never really liked any of the bagged teas, after I quit drinking soda I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a viable bagged version of the restaurant tea. I failed miserably and eventually I switched to coffee. After many years I got tired of being beholden to caffeine and pretty much stopped drinking coffee in favor of water and lemonade. I stuck with that for a surprisingly long time and then restarted my quest to find a tea similar to my restaurant tea experiences. This time I had the power of the internet on my side and did not fail quite so miserably.

I found a bagged tea that was similar, not nearly as good, but was at least in the right ballpark. It wasn't perfect but I enjoyed it enough that over time it became what I drank all day long. The past few months I was starting to get less enthused about compromise and wanted to find a better match to the local restaurant tea. I ended up tying a variety of bagged teas in the process. I liked a few of them and expanded my daily tea drinking to include them as well.

In my search to uncover a viable home brew for my favorite tea, I found myself more and more interested in learning about tea in general and loose tea in particular. I recently placed my first order for loose tea and am right at the beginning of my tea journey.

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Feb 8th, '10, 17:41
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Amaikokonut » Feb 8th, '10, 17:41

Like many others, I've enjoyed tea for quite some time, but I believe what really got me into it was realizing just how many varieties of tea there were and even more so, how endless the possibilities were when it came to tea blending. Now I find myself on a never-ending quest to try as many different teas as possible!

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Feb 8th, '10, 20:33
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Re: What ignited your passion for tea?

by Chip » Feb 8th, '10, 20:33

Amaikokonut wrote:Now I find myself on a never-ending quest to try as many different teas as possible!

You are in the right forum then! :mrgreen: 10+ years and counting and that is still my mantra! There is simply a never ending variety of teas.

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