Healthy herbs, rooibos, honeybush, decaf tea, and yerba mate.

Jan 6th, '07, 17:37
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by brada55306 » Jan 6th, '07, 17:37

Can someone give me a list of herbal teas, and what to drink for specific aliments? (Example: chamomile for calmness/sleep).... thanks everyone!! ~Brad

Jan 6th, '07, 18:23
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by kissmyhuman » Jan 6th, '07, 18:23

http://coffeetea.about.com/library/herbs/blherbs.htm is a short list to get you started, there are also plenty of books on the subject of herbs and health. I'd recommend buying one as it's a lot easier to keep track of than a list of links on the internet and usually more in-depth.

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Feb 2nd, '07, 17:04
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by Madam Potts » Feb 2nd, '07, 17:04

herbs for ailments....a common question, and a wonderful way to start your exploration of these wonderful weeds!

but please be mindful that herbs are not quick fixes. Calming and relaxing is easy....and a pot of tea can do that as easliy as a chamomile (if that's what works for you -- I for one would chose the tea as I don't like chamomile and there is no sense in drinking something you don't like).

Ailments can be anything. Even something like sinus, congestion, sore throat...unless you know about the herb, how it should be prepared and how often to drink it, you are fooling yourself to think dunking a teabag in water for 5 minutes will fight off your cold. If you are looking for the herbs to be medicinal, you must prepare them at medicinally (sometimes 1, 2 or 8 hour steeps) and use them medicnially (3-4 cups per day, or as needed, and know for how long...).

I know I have posted this concern on this board before.

I encourage people to learn about herbs, but PLEASE learn more than a vague remedy like "thyme is good for skin"

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