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Feb 10th, '10, 01:56
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Online Tea marketing

by Sukanya » Feb 10th, '10, 01:56

Hi Everyone,

I am Sukanya from India. I too have a keen interest in Tea just like all of you. Have been thinking about starting an online tea portal where people will be able to purchase some of the exquisite Darjeeling and Assam Tea.

Would love to hear your suggestion and would like to know the kind of Teas that you are looking for but are unable to find?

Please do post your views.


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Feb 11th, '10, 21:56
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Re: Online Tea marketing

by keto » Feb 11th, '10, 21:56


I can appreciate your enthusiasm with sharing the fine teas from India with the rest of us in the non-tea producing countries :-)

I have come across many sites that allege to do just that. However, they are lacking in descriptions and personal recomendations from someone with first-hand knowledge of the product. I find it hard to purchase "blindly" from such exporters. I really don't know what I am getting and would prefer to interract with someone who can walk me through the subtle differences in the teas and direct me to ones that are right for my tastes.

I wish you all the best in your endeavor and hope that my comments have been helpful.

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