Rooibos Freshness

Healthy herbs, rooibos, honeybush, decaf tea, and yerba mate.

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Feb 12th, '07, 15:01
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Rooibos Freshness

by vbguy772 » Feb 12th, '07, 15:01

I know how long I can safely store my blacks and whites, but how long can you store rooibis before it becomes stale ?

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Feb 15th, '07, 00:48
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by Mary R » Feb 15th, '07, 00:48 gives a time frame of 2-3 years. I can see that--it's not as delicate as tea and because it's all chopped up and packs tighter less air can get to it.

Still, the fresher the better! I wouldn't want to keep it past a year.

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Feb 15th, '07, 11:01
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by teamuse » Feb 15th, '07, 11:01

i think the year mark is ok, but 2-3 is pretty accurate in my experience. it keeps far better than other teas.

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