Creating premium packaging

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Feb 12th, '10, 17:41
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Creating premium packaging

by Charles » Feb 12th, '10, 17:41

I've written an article theorizing on the proper approach for packaging our new Master's Collection - a line of super-premium teas (, and an article covering our new pouch packaging for grocery and retail (

What am I missing? What do you want to see? What do you expect? What have you been impressed by? What have you hated? In the coming weeks I'll share details on what we decide and why. Thanks for your feedback! :)
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Feb 12th, '10, 21:04
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Re: Creating premium packaging

by Amaikokonut » Feb 12th, '10, 21:04

I'll admit, maybe it's the years I spent in college for graphic design, but even though I'm well aware that it's what inside that counts, I am an absolute sucker for beautiful, interesting, and well-designed packaging. I suppose more or less I just really appreciate when extra time, effort, and expense is put into presenting a product in a way that really strives to express its essence.

That said, when it comes to purchasing expensive, high-grade tea, it's certainly not going to be the quality of the packaging that helps me decide what to purchase, but it is still something I would appreciate.

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Feb 21st, '10, 19:28
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Re: Creating premium packaging

by jazz88 » Feb 21st, '10, 19:28

Great article. Packaging is not just packaging it represents your vision, your approach, your understanding/taste/sensibilities and to me that matters as much as the product.
Whether the tea packaging is minimalist/zen or victorian inspired or "green"/natural/recycled I can always appreciate attention to detail, effort and creativity.
What dislike the most in a packaging? Poor choice of fonts :lol: and inconvenience of use.
The designer that works for Adagio is awesome (I really like her work). So let her do her job, treat her well and she will deliver :D

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Feb 21st, '10, 23:36
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Re: Creating premium packaging

by Chip » Feb 21st, '10, 23:36

Too often I see tea having to conform to the packaging versus the packaging being made for the tea, for example 5 ounces of premium sencha in a tin because the tin is large. This will never cut it with a Japanese tea aficionado.

I look at the Japanese approach to packaging of their precious teas, beautifully functional. It is like a present each time I open a new bag, I carefully cut the bag in order to preserve its beauty.

We discussed this on the forum in the past, and just about everyone kept these bags and felt the presentation was awesome, yet professional. The cost of these bags is minimal and can be finished with printed labels if need be in order to deal printing issues and further reduce costs.

The size is perfect for the intended net weight. Often the foil bag is nitro flushed and/or vacuum sealed to maximize freshness and shelf life.

The packaging is so beautiful, I can never throw one away, but will use them for samples to others, etc. Or just hold onto them, like trading cards. :mrgreen: Yeah, they are all that! :wink:

The Japanese have long imitated Western industry, why not return the favor.

Clearly, packaging can make or break customer loyalty to a vendor. Professionalism, functionality, and panache ...

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