seattle based importer ????

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Feb 12th, '10, 19:17
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seattle based importer ????

by solilli » Feb 12th, '10, 19:17

I have just started my own online tea company and I am looking for someone local to provide me with tea so that I don't have to have stalk on hand at the beginning stages of my business. I really would like to be able to physically go in and pick my own loose leaf tea and combination as well as accessories instead of doing it all online. If anyone knows of anyone in the Seattle area that sells loose bulk quality tea to people trying to sell on their own please help :wink: !! OR if you have any ideas for someone starting out with virtually no money to speak of that wants to package their own tea but not have to have mounds and mounds of tea on hand and still be able to get it to my customers in a timely manner well all opinions and help would be GREAT!!! :D :D


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Feb 22nd, '10, 11:32
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Re: seattle based importer ????

by xine » Feb 22nd, '10, 11:32

Hi Ami,

Adagio Tea alo offers wholesale, if ever you are interested. You can contact our wholesale manager at

As for local vendors/sources, I would suggest checking World Tea News' planning/business director section of their website: ... DIRECTORY/

World Tea News/Expo is a great tool for starting business owners. If you can afford to go (it's in June in Las Vegas), I highly suggest their business bootcamp or any of their other classes. The opportunities for networking is endless too, and you'll find out about a bunch of suppliers and such there.

Feb 27th, '10, 23:33
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Re: seattle based importer ???? BOOT CAMP???

by solilli » Feb 27th, '10, 23:33

Thank you so much for your info :) I am going to go to Vegas :) but at this time unfortunately im not able to afford the class... which im super sad about because it sounds amazing... does anyone know if that boot camp is available online? or is it only once a year at the convention?

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