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Multiple infusions/multiple days

by Ironica » Feb 24th, '10, 21:41

I have been having fun trying out all kinds of new teas, and as a result, have cups with wet leaves perched all over my kitchen. :) No one can drink just one infusion right? ( well... a few I've tried one was enough)

My question is, how long are the leaves good for? I tend to start my day with a green but by the time I get home, I want to have a nice cup of Pu'erh or an Oolong. I've also taken to keeping a cup "going" at work. A few times I've forgotten about a cup and found it a few days later... how long can they sit and still be good?

Or am I crazy to even let them sit a day?

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Re: Multiple infusions/multiple days

by Chip » Feb 24th, '10, 21:51

Hi, moved this topic from Intro to Other Tea where it will be more at home.

This really depends on the tea. I would virtually never keep green leaves from the day before, but definitely many oolong or pu-erh, in fact a pu-erh from yesterday in my cup currently.

Your home environment may influence what you can get away with, but I here some members going days with the same tea. However if it has sat for a couple days since last brewed, I would discard! :shock:

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Feb 24th, '10, 22:48
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Re: Multiple infusions/multiple days

by entropyembrace » Feb 24th, '10, 22:48

I don´t let tea sit more than a few hours between infusions...some last longer than others. It´s not that they really go bad in that time frame, I´m sure it´s still safe to drink but wet leaves sitting in the pot too long will go through some chemical changes that make the next infusion not taste very good...and much beyond then they´ll either dry again and probably not have good flavour or go mouldy which is just gross...and not safe if you actually drank it :shock:

As long as you can´t detect any mould it should be safe...otherwise just go with your taste buds and decide if it still tastes good to you or not.

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Re: Multiple infusions/multiple days

by s(tea)ven » Feb 25th, '10, 01:31

I've been wondering about this too. Normally I will make tea to go before work at around 8:00am. Sometimes I will leave the tea in the maker with the lid closed (so they don't dry out again) but I am unable to come back to it until I get home from school at 10:00pm. By then the leaves do not smell that great and I end up tossing it. I just don't want to waste my delicious tea!

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Re: Multiple infusions/multiple days

by sneakers » Feb 25th, '10, 03:53

I put one of my 3 infusers into a container in the fridge to prevent mold, because i like to rotate my teas.

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