The Money Tree

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Jan 8th 10 5:52 pm
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The Money Tree

by ilya » Jan 8th 10 5:52 pm

Thanks again for making us the most popular destination for tea online, and be assured that our zeal to provide you with the finest shopping experience has not been quenched.

With this in mind, we invite your participation in a campaign we call The Money Tree, offering to fund promising ideas and initiatives that would bringing Adagio Teas to a wider audience.

We've allocated $50,000 to this effort, and look forward to receiving your proposal. Give us your best ideas. If accepted, we'll gladly provide the funds to assure their fruition.

Jan 10th 10 5:40 am
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Re: The Money Tree

by bsteele » Jan 10th 10 5:40 am

Any limit on number of entries?

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Feb 17th 10 8:18 pm
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Re: The Money Tree

by Aphroditea » Feb 17th 10 8:18 pm

LOL!! Now that I got my browser to display the Money Tree page properly, I see there are quite a few of us who had the same idea - of course I have to be at the rear of that train (I blame the surgery). With so many of us thinking of it, could we go wrong? :mrgreen:

Perhaps a name other than Tea Party tho - since that name seems to have recently gotten emeshed in a whole new meaning.

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Mar 2nd 10 1:16 am
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Re: The Money Tree

by RachelC » Mar 2nd 10 1:16 am

Have there been any ideass that have been funded yet? Just curious.