Mar 2nd, '10, 15:27
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Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by RachelC » Mar 2nd, '10, 15:27

Well, my birthday is coming up and people are asking me what I want so I thought why not some more tea. I was hoping to try new teas both from Adagio and other vendors. I personally don't have too much experience with other vendors. Mostly it is as follows...
1. Adagio
2. Tea Geschwendner
3. Teavana
4. Bag Teas - Stash, Yogi, and etc..

I was thinking of Den's since I hear a lot about it here and Tao of Tea. I just need suggestions on what your favorites are and why so I can make a wish list. I am also looking for a suggestion on some rose with black tea.

Thanks for your help. On my own this whole thing is so overwhelming so thought I would turn to my tea friends. I just know you won't steer me wrong. :D

Rachel :D

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Mar 2nd, '10, 15:40
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by Victoria » Mar 2nd, '10, 15:40

My advice: Umm ... scratch the bag option. They may take you up on that.
Push for Adagio gift certs. Teavana is ok, you can get some nice wares.

Tea Geschwendner is pretty pricey, so can find the same for less.

Lately I have really been pushing for Amex or MC gift cards. The buyer can easily charge them and they are sooo usable!!!

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Mar 2nd, '10, 15:48
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by LauraW » Mar 2nd, '10, 15:48

Den's is good (assuming you like or want to try Japanese greens), Victoria's spot-on about Adagio gift cert's (or Visa/MCs) since that'll let you try whatever you want - and if it's for Adagio, then you still get the points and get to review things. Also, I think I saw a thread started in the black tea section about rose-flavored tea...

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Mar 2nd, '10, 15:58
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by myemmie » Mar 2nd, '10, 15:58

Agreed re: the whole forget the bags thing - I have a very few shoppes in my town that sell whole leaf bags as specialty, but I'd guarantee that most anything that you can find in those venues I could get elsewhere (Or make my own version here on the Adagio site!). Gift certificates are definitely the way to go, or perhaps if someone insists on getting you a physical pressie, I'd ask for things like the sampler sets, etc.
Re: rose tea - barring the herbals, many of which have rosehips and such - I think Valentine's is scented with roses, isn't it?

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Mar 2nd, '10, 16:06
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by Chip » Mar 2nd, '10, 16:06

Mod edit: moved this topic to Other Tea. :mrgreen:

You are not alone in your search and TC help is always at hand. :wink: BTW, the TeaVendor Guide may help!

Mar 2nd, '10, 16:33
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by RachelC » Mar 2nd, '10, 16:33

Thanks and I do expect to ask for the gift cards/certs but the issue is what to buy with them. So I thought I would ask about everyone's favorites. I love it all just don't drink much white but I am not opposed if it tastes good. :D

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Mar 2nd, '10, 22:48
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by mbishop » Mar 2nd, '10, 22:48

Den's tea (and a lot of other Japanese tea vendors) specifically have gifts for purchase. ... &cPath=289

Mar 3rd, '10, 08:10
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by bsteele » Mar 3rd, '10, 08:10

I enjoyed the teas I got from Fun Alliance. And I second the gifts from Den's! I've thought about getting something from them in that section but never have... so you should totally ask for something awesome from Den's.

Mar 4th, '10, 15:54
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by Skippyandjif » Mar 4th, '10, 15:54

Ten Ren Tea is great if you like pu-erh or oolong. They also have some good Chinese greens. (It's not really known to people who aren't familiar with their locations-- there aren't that many in the U.S.) They have an online store, so you don't have to trek all the way to one of their actual shops.

Also, I agree with everyone who is advocating gift cards; I've gotten those and immediately run off to Chinatown to go visit some of the little obscure tea places! :mrgreen:

Mar 4th, '10, 22:20
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by RachelC » Mar 4th, '10, 22:20

Thanks everyone for your continued suggestions I will be using them and will report back but it won't be until mid-April. My B-Day isn't until 3/30.

Can anyone suggest any tea houses in Hawaii, specifically the Kona side of the Big Island?

RachelC (aka Rachana Carter)

Mar 5th, '10, 03:15
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Re: Birthday Tea Suggestions Please...

by s(tea)ven » Mar 5th, '10, 03:15

Adagio gift certificates are really great if you want to try teas because of their samples. I love buying a bunch of them and they actually last a pretty long time. Then you can try what you want!

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