Hard Cider the rematch

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Mar 6th, '10, 00:01
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Hard Cider the rematch

by GreenTeaTV » Mar 6th, '10, 00:01

Ok first let me start by saying , I MESSED UP bad on the hard apple cider blend , the apple spice chai is waaaaaayyyy too strong for the tea, and it kills the other flavours in the tea. So to remedy this situation I made Hard Cider , its made up of, 50% rum flavoured black tea, 30% Apple flavoured black tea and 20% sour apple, I believe this will work a lot better. Enjoy :)

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Mar 6th, '10, 20:01
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Re: Hard Cider the rematch

by myemmie » Mar 6th, '10, 20:01

Nice idea!

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