Creme De Mint

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Mar 7th, '10, 09:49
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Creme De Mint

by boywoodhe » Mar 7th, '10, 09:49

I have a blend for those who enjoy mint with a some of cream.
The tea consist of crisp refreshing peppermint, spearmint and dreamy cream. Give this tea a try!
I made this blend months ago. If you need to see this blend, find my blend and look for my name woodie barnes under creator.

yous in tea
woodie barnes
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Mar 7th, '10, 16:53
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by RachelC » Mar 7th, '10, 16:53

Sounds yummy. I'll bet it smells just delicious. :D

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Mar 8th, '10, 09:26
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by Aphroditea » Mar 8th, '10, 09:26


What are the percentages on your version? I will eventually be taking down my Helen Marie's Garden Mint, but I am sure my mother will be wanting more - especially since she uses it to make ice tea and we are nearly upon the ice tea perhaps I could point her that way and use that space for another tea I wish to make.


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