Stand Up Foil Pouches

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Feb 24th, '07, 14:36
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Stand Up Foil Pouches

by teageek » Feb 24th, '07, 14:36

My fiancee and I are weeks away from opening our own teashop and need help finding stand-up foil reclosable pouches big enough to accomodate 4oz of loose leaf tea.....and in a hurry! We've contacted countless vendors and either they don't return our e-mails/calls or they have a ridiculously large minimum order amount (25,000). Can anyone help us find a reliable vendor for these that we could order as little 1,000 at a time? I can't believe something so simple has been so difficult to find. Thanks in advance for your help!

Feb 26th, '07, 22:34
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by lenny7 » Feb 26th, '07, 22:34

Our local tea shop uses those types of bags. You could give them a call and ask where they buy them. The place is Indigo Tea Company and their number is 1-866-248-3516. The owner's name is Neal and he's a great guy.

Another local shop that use those type of bags is The Tea Source. They might tell you where they get there bags as well. I don't know those guys as well.

Feb 27th, '07, 11:21
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Thank you

by teageek » Feb 27th, '07, 11:21

Thank you very much! I'll follow these leads. Take care.

Feb 27th, '07, 19:19
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by yingli0701 » Feb 27th, '07, 19:19

I can help you with that. Please call me at: 1-800-562-2247, ex: 157.

Ying 8)

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