Goal: The Perfect Cup

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Mar 10th, '10, 14:41
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Goal: The Perfect Cup

by Charles » Mar 10th, '10, 14:41

This discussion thread is dedicated to questions and comments on the TeaClass lesson: Goal: The Perfect Cup (http://www.teaclass.com/lesson_0106.html). TeaClass is designed to be a free educational tool so if anything is unclear, let us know! We're also using TeaClass to train our own retail store staff so please feel free to share anything you've heard or read that disagrees with the lesson. Our goal is to continually improve this tool based on your feedback.

Mar 15th, '10, 00:41
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Re: Goal: The Perfect Cup

by Ebtoulson » Mar 15th, '10, 00:41

just a side note:
Don't be afraid to experiment with times and temperatures, you may be surprised with the results. For example try brewing some genmai (made with bancha or another robust green tea) with boiling water for around 3 mins, you should be left with a more noticeable nutty taste without any bitterness.

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