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Mar 10th 10 6:59 pm
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Jing Tea Shop "Official" White/Yellow Tea Topic

by Chip » Mar 10th 10 6:59 pm

Jing Tea Shop was nominated and confirmed for our TeaVendor Guide under the White/Yellow Tea category. If you would like to nominate them to other categories, you may do this, otherwise limit discussion to their White/Yellow Tea offerings. Thank you! :D

NEW! Official White/Yellow Tea Vendor Guide for Jing Tea Shop.com
Consider this a perennial topic for White/Yellow teas from Jing Tea Shop to discuss and review.

White Tea: http://www.jingteashop.com/cat-jing-tea ... te-tea.cfm
Yellow Tea: http://www.jingteashop.com/cat-jing-tea ... ow-tea.cfm

Official White/Yellow Tea Vendor Guide. Let's see what happens with this wild and crazy idea. You can view
the main White/Yellow TeaVendor Guide here: http://www.teachat.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=11930
and the main TeaVendor Guide here: http://www.teachat.com/viewforum.php?f=60

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Re: Jing Tea Shop "Official" White/Yellow Tea Topic

by debunix » Mar 11th 10 3:44 am

I ordered quite a few samples from Jing a few months back, and have enjoyed the first ones so much that it has been hard to discipline myself to not rip open and try all of them at once. I only ordered one that fits this topic, Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea. This is a gorgeous tea, liquor color between a yellow and a green, sweet, with a rich liquor, and good through many infusions--I got up to 12 once from a generous pinch in a small gaiwan. I could not believe it kept having flavor to give. It is like a cross between a light floral oolong and a very mellow green tea. I will definitely order more of this one again.

The service was excellent too--as I have noted elsewhere, I did not receive an attempted delivery notice from the USPS, and in my own confused way, assumed that I had forgotten choosing the surface shipping option. Sebastien sent me an e-mail so I knew to go get my goodies before they were returned to him. I thought that was pretty good service from a proprietor across an ocean.