Mar 17th, '10, 19:04
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Job planning tea parties - woot!

by MitzyG » Mar 17th, '10, 19:04

Interviewed today for a job (back for second interview tomorrow) as a weekend receptionist at an upscale Retirement Center. Part of the job is planning and eventually, hosting weekly tea parties!! How cool is that? Hope I get it.
Of course, it is mostly making a newsletter, answering the phones, etc. but working on that weekly tea party is a cool benefit, I think.
Should know more tomorrow.

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Mar 17th, '10, 19:37
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Re: Job planning tea parties - woot!

by debunix » Mar 17th, '10, 19:37

Sounds like fun, to plan & share the neat snacks that go with tea, and share your love of teas. I bet your audience will love sharing a range of different teas.

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Mar 17th, '10, 23:14
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Re: Job planning tea parties - woot!

by IPT » Mar 17th, '10, 23:14

Good Luck! I hope you get it.

Mar 18th, '10, 15:57
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Re: Job planning tea parties - woot!

by Skippyandjif » Mar 18th, '10, 15:57

Oh, wow, that's like my dream job; I host monthly tea parties for my friends and we've all become much closer as a result.

If I may offer an idea-- I don't mean to seem bossy or pushy or anything--potluck tea parties are really fun, because everyone contributes a little something and feels useful (that's what we do at mine, as we're all poor college students :lol: ).

But anyway, best of luck to you! I bet it would make the residents' day to have someone who actually cares and knows a lot about tea planning their tea parties.

Mar 18th, '10, 17:57
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Re: Job planning tea parties - woot!

by MitzyG » Mar 18th, '10, 17:57

Well, I was back for a second interview today. They will call and let me know tonight, but I think I got the job!
There is a lot more to it than the tea parties, of course, there are also wine tastings and BINGO!!! Lol. It is weekend receptionist, so there is lots of work, newsletters, helping with meals and other stuff. I am pretty excited about the whole thing.

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