Mar 19th, '10, 01:26
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Tea Training-Need direction!

by panshasha » Mar 19th, '10, 01:26

Can someone please help me find direction. I day dream of being just like David Lee Hoffman, I just don't even know where to start.

I am mostly looking at suggestions for schooling. I am currently an International Business Major with a Chinese Minor but I am thinking about switching my Major to Political Science with a International Relations Emphasis and a Chinese minor so that I can get done with school about two years earlier.

I am just looking for some suggestions on the best route to take to know as much as I can, get the best opportunities, and network with people within the field of Chinese Tea Exportation to America.

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Mar 19th, '10, 16:14
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Re: Tea Training-Need direction!

by xine » Mar 19th, '10, 16:14

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