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Mar 22nd, '10, 09:22
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Re: Milk and Tea

by Schrammy » Mar 22nd, '10, 09:22

Chip -- that's exactly what they teach you during training at Teavana to say. I would know. :?

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Mar 22nd, '10, 12:12
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Re: Milk and Tea

by silverneedles » Mar 22nd, '10, 12:12

brose wrote:On tea being good or bad for you; as far as I am concerned unless its a primary literature source that's a peer reviewed academic journal, it's not worth wasting my time reading. I am building up a nice repository of articles. In fact, a good review just came out about the chemistry of catechins.
I am highly skeptical of much of the tea lore. That's why the tea classics really don't do much for me. It seems that most of the art of tea is just based on the placebo effect. If its good tea and you like it, great.
Tha'ts my 2c
hi! we should form a club ... somewhere in the corner of the tea forums :)

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