strange reaction to greens and oolongs

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Apr 3rd 07 4:28 am
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strange reaction to greens and oolongs

by tea knitter » Apr 3rd 07 4:28 am

This is my first post and I am intrigued to see what all you tea afficianados out there can tell me. I have been trying mightily to teach myself to drink and enjoy green teas and oolongs. I don't hate the flavors of either, but I have noticed that I get an odd reaction in the back of my throat when I drink either of these. It seems that after less than 1 cup of a green or oolong tea, I feel an obstruction, much like one feels after running a slight distance without warming up. It certainly isn't an anaphylaxis, and I drink black teas all the time with no ill effects. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I add a wee bit of milk and honey to my blacks (I know, I know, heresy), but drink the others straight (they really just don't taste good with additions, it seems). I inquired about this to the adagio CSR and he/she had not heard of such a thing. I know that the teas are all from the same plant, and I understand about fermentation and so on, so I just can't get a handle on this. It may be worthy to add that the greens and oolongs I have tried have been brought to me from China as gifts and bought at a Chinese grocery in China, whereas most of the blacks I enjoy are straight from adagio. Any help, anyone?

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Apr 3rd 07 4:46 am
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by scruffmcgruff » Apr 3rd 07 4:46 am

I've never heard of this either, but I wonder if it has something to do with pesticides or other chemicals, as these things are not always well regulated in China.

Also, it's possible that you may have a slight allergic reaction to something that is destroyed in fully oxidized (black) teas. I don't know enough about tea chemistry to suggest a possible culprit, but I wouldn't dismiss the idea either.

If I were you, I'd order samples of a couple oolongs and greens from Adagio, and see if you have the same reaction. If you still have this blockage with the Adagio samples, then you can be quite certain it's not related to chemical contamination. If you don't have the reaction with Adagio teas, it could still be anything, but then I guess it doesn't really matter too much if the problem has been solved, eh?

Anyway, I think it's great that you're moving on to greens and oolongs. If you do order any samples from Adagio, I'd try the "wuyi ensemble." It has a similar character, in some ways, to black teas, so it might be a good first step into the wide world of oolongs.

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by tea knitter » Apr 3rd 07 4:57 am

interesting... I'll def give that a whirl when I can order again. Right now, I'm trying hard to dwindle my stash, so to speak, so that I won't feel so wasteful drinking wonderful adagios while my gifts get older...