This website is frustrating to use

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Apr 6th, '10, 09:36
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This website is frustrating to use

by tjkoko » Apr 6th, '10, 09:36

So far I've attempted to pm a member who's interested in buying some teaware advertised at this site. At the private messages location, I've sent two pm's to him and the display shows that my replies are still in the OUTBOX and not contained in the SENT ITEMS list. What gives? Also I have never received notifications of replies to pm's nor to the threads to which I've described. This website frustrates me and yes, I've verified my profile to ensure that I receive notifications.

I've viewing this website using the latest version of Mozilla.

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Apr 6th, '10, 10:02
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Re: This website is frustrating to use

by Chip » Apr 6th, '10, 10:02

Point one ... if it is in the Outbox, that means the recipient did not open the PM yet. Once the recipient opens the PM, it will move to the Sent box.

The notification issue has frustrated many a member. Older members seem to receive the notifications for some reason while newer ones might not. This also happens to topic reply notifications.

I have this feature disabled on my account since I really don't need it. But I understand the frustration.

I will forward your frustration to the Admin.

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