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Mar 29th, '10, 05:57
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Ispahani tea

by lutonjez » Mar 29th, '10, 05:57

Hi there,

Ive just registered to this forum to ask this question.

I have recently visited Bangladesh for the cricket and the sponsors of the Test series were Ispahani tea. This stuff was available everywhere and made for a damned fine cuppa. Sadly I neglected to buy a packet before coming home. Last week I went to Brick Lane but was unable to find it. I was wondering where in the London area, it may be available for retail.

Thanks for reading this,

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Mar 29th, '10, 07:26
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Re: Ispahani tea

by Herb_Master » Mar 29th, '10, 07:26

I suggest you drop them a line, and ask where you can purchase their products.

Ispahani Tea (uk) Limited
20-22 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4JS UNITED KINGDOM

Apr 7th, '10, 17:28
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Re: Ispahani tea

by lutonjez » Apr 7th, '10, 17:28

Ta for that address. I may pop in one day as I work near there! :lol:

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Apr 29th, '10, 11:56
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Re: Ispahani tea

by nonc_ron » Apr 29th, '10, 11:56

lutonjez wrote:Ta for that address. I may pop in one day as I work near there! :lol:
Welcome to Tea-chat! :D
We hope you stick around, it's nice to get new ideas.

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