Creating a Wholesale Business

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Apr 8th, '10, 11:01
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Creating a Wholesale Business

by Charles » Apr 8th, '10, 11:01

Join us on TeaChat and continue the discussion on creating a wholesale tea business.

Part 1: Overview -
Part 2: Sourcing, storing and blending -
Part 3: Independent retailers and small tea shops -
Part 4: Grocery and large retail -
Part 5: Food-service and hospitality -

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Apr 9th, '10, 00:02
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Re: Creating a Wholesale Business

by AmberSweet » Apr 9th, '10, 00:02

Loving this series! The tea industry in NZ is miniscule in comparison to the US but its interesting realizing most companies here use the same overseas vendor for their blends - resulting in the same tea with the same name, packaged 10 different ways, at 10 different price points.
The companies really making their mark here seem to be the few that source direct and blend a few teas themselves.

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