Buying Tea/Teaware in Columbus

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Apr 9th, '10, 18:32
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Buying Tea/Teaware in Columbus

by Corona » Apr 9th, '10, 18:32

Hey there, just thought I would pop on with a question. I'm in Columbus, Ohio for the weekend (Dublin to be more specific), and I decided to find some things to do in my downtime. I've already located a Teavana store, and despite what i've heard them I figured I would visit, since I've never been there. Anyway, is anyone able to reccomend any good tea stores within a short drive of Columbus?


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Apr 10th, '10, 14:52
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Re: Buying Tea/Teaware in Columbus

by LauraW » Apr 10th, '10, 14:52

The Short North houses ZenCha tea house - it's right on High Street. Check it out, they're wonderful. My favorite place to go when I'm in town.

There's another place on Ohio State's campus, but I think it's primarily bubble tea - also on High Street, but I forget exactly where.

I'll think some more, but those are the first two that come to mind.

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