Types of Tea

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Mar 10th, '10, 14:39
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Types of Tea

by Charles » Mar 10th, '10, 14:39

This discussion thread is dedicated to questions and comments on the TeaClass lesson: Types of Tea (http://www.teaclass.com/lesson_0103.html). TeaClass is designed to be a free educational tool so if anything is unclear, let us know! We're also using TeaClass to train our own retail store staff so please feel free to share anything you've heard or read that disagrees with the lesson. Our goal is to continually improve this tool based on your feedback.

Apr 11th, '10, 09:06
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Re: Types of Tea

by bbg » Apr 11th, '10, 09:06

Hi there,

I am a bit confused about the question regarding which type of leaf has the most antioxidents and highest caffeine content and the answer is leaf bud, but I believe that the white tea has the least amount of caffeine.

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Apr 11th, '10, 09:30
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Re: Types of Tea

by AdamMY » Apr 11th, '10, 09:30

It is a misnomer that White tea has the "least amount of caffeine by weight" It often is said to have the least amount of caffeine as most caffeine studies were conducted according to volume of leaf, of which white tea is usually fluffy and spacious.

But be assured leaf buds do have the highest amount of Caffeine and most Antioxidants.

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