True Blood Blend

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Have you seen HBO's Series True Blood?

No, But I have read the books
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Jun 1st, '09, 05:28
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True Blood Blend

by rabbitsib » Jun 1st, '09, 05:28

Have you heard of the Adult version of Twilight, Well the books are called Sookie Stackhouse. These are Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood is HBO's series based on the book. So on behalf of the True Blood Series Season 2 starting June 14 TruBlood Tea . Watch the series read the books and drink the Herbal tea. ... blend=7546
The no bite line is in reference to the fact that no person is bitten to have a drink of life.

or the Flavored Tea ... blend=7610

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Blends and all your favorite characters are available under the Tru Blend Name. Enjoy
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Jun 1st, '09, 12:14
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by silvermage2000 » Jun 1st, '09, 12:14

this does sound fruity and tangy and good for summer. I have not watched the show or read the books. I hear the books are more funny so I may eventually read them first.

Dec 28th, '09, 19:12
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Re: True Blood Blend

by keensense » Dec 28th, '09, 19:12

The Sookie Stackhouse novels are terrific - far superior to Twilight, IMO. And this blend does sound delicious, but rather tart. Is it too fruity/tart? I shy away from that... just curious. I was tempted to buy it just for the label! I'm a huge Sookie fan, more of the books than the show.

(And Sookie was before Twilight! So was "The Vampire Diaries.") :)

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Jan 14th, '10, 01:52
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Re: True Blood Blend

by rabbitsib » Jan 14th, '10, 01:52

I did spend a fair bit of time on the labels and this, because I wanted something similar to the bottles. I also have purchase a few orders of them my self. The True Blood version replicates the vials sent out without sugar of coarse. The TB synthetic was for me to make a berry flavored black tea with TB's name on it. This one is not so tart too.
P.S. I know the books are awsome but I read them so quickly that I get to the end and ask is that all? I want MORE! :D

Mar 14th, '10, 21:01
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Re: True Blood Blend

by Sojourne » Mar 14th, '10, 21:01

I am definitely going to try it. I love True Blood and "Sookie" is the Character, not the book names. The author is Charlaine Harris. Your blend sounds great and I am impressed and ordering it tonight. You did a great job on the label. Have you tried the drink that they sell called Tru Blood? I hear it's pretty good. :twisted:

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Mar 15th, '10, 15:03
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Re: True Blood Blend

by EleanorJustice » Mar 15th, '10, 15:03

Sojourne wrote:Have you tried the drink that they sell called Tru Blood? I hear it's pretty good. :twisted:
Some friends of mine made me try it (peer pressure, aaaaa!) and it was odd, but in a way I found pleasant. Sort of like really tangy liquid sweettarts -- I don't know if there are different variants of Tru Blood or not, this one was in a bottle, and the color was... disturbing. I did actually hesitate before the first sip, a little terrified that it would be thick and coppery. Blegh! (It wasn't, so yay!) If you like the tast eof most energy drinks, you'd probably like it. If not, keep the bottle sealed, and it's an interesting paperweight or something.


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Apr 16th, '10, 17:13
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Re: True Blood Blend

by rabbitsib » Apr 16th, '10, 17:13

I know this is a bit late but, hey this is what I came up with while reading the Sookie Stackhouse Novels the most recent one "A Touch Of Death". This is like a cherry desert with sugar.
Image ... lend=12305

By the way I didn't know they were actually in the processes of creating Tru blood drink when making the first tea blend. But Yes, I have tasted it and think it taste like artificial sugar and blood orange and I hated that taste of artificial sugar plus its just not natural, put some real blood in it will ya :) I also like to add that the logo was recreated from scratch when I seen it from the shows 1st opening scene with photoshop and I have like 20 layers just to create the logo. When I made it I was actually thinking of creating a replica of that bottle (for personal use and not for sale) because no real drink exists at the time or even sold but some little company did it for me :)

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