Teapot/Tea Shop

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Mar 13th, '10, 21:36
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Teapot/Tea Shop

by Peg24 » Mar 13th, '10, 21:36

I hope someone can help me here.

I am opening up a small teapot shop, but I am not just carrying teapots.

I will also be carrying some teas, and I am also wanting to carry all kinds of decor and accessories that go with teapots.

My problems is finding wholesalers that carry the decor and accessories.

I can go in other tea shops and see these things, but cannot find a wholesaler on line.

I am having no problem finding teapots, just the other things.

Can anyone give me a name of a wholesaler they may use so I can locate this kind of stuff?

Thank so much!

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Mar 13th, '10, 22:15
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Re: Teapot/Tea Shop

by gingkoseto » Mar 13th, '10, 22:15

What kind of accessories are you looking for? The tea tools such as tongs, bamboo spoons... or more fragile ones such as cups and tea pets? It's much easier to get anything wood or bamboo than fragile wares.

Mar 13th, '10, 22:23
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Re: Teapot/Tea Shop

by Peg24 » Mar 13th, '10, 22:23

I am selling most ceramic and bone china teapots.

I need to purchase things like tea bag caddy's, tea pot cozzies...anything with teapots on them...etc.

You can find plenty of things like that on line to buy....just not wholesale!

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Mar 18th, '10, 21:10
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Re: Teapot/Tea Shop

by virago_ns » Mar 18th, '10, 21:10

Where are you from? I have a couple good Canadian suppliers if you are interested PM me and I'll forward you the links.

Apr 14th, '10, 14:49
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Re: Teapot/Tea Shop

by solilli » Apr 14th, '10, 14:49

I would love to know of any good accessory wholesale vendors. I am in need of a wide vareity of tea accessories (all types) for my new online tea store. It would be nice too if they were able to put my name and logo on certain items. Does anyone out there know of any great wholesalers? thanks and happy tea drinking :)

Apr 18th, '10, 16:54
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Re: Teapot/Tea Shop

by olivermarch » Apr 18th, '10, 16:54

Hi there,
Seen your interest on with regard to your business venture,
I am carrying world famous Ceylon tea for US market, (bulk,caddies and gift boxes and accessories ) 100% pure ,quality standards, HACCP and
ISO 22000
Please let me have reqirement in detail.
Thank you.
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