Question on restocking

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Apr 27th, '10, 00:24
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Question on restocking

by LauraW » Apr 27th, '10, 00:24

How long does it normally take for something to be back in stock? I was contemplating an order today and noticed that the Rum is listed as out of stock - meaning I can't get the blend I want. So any news on when it'll be back in stock would be great!

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Apr 28th, '10, 21:22
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Re: Question on restocking

by xine » Apr 28th, '10, 21:22

Hi Laura,

We have discontinued this particular flavor for sale on its own, but it has proven to be a popular tea for signature blends, so we do have a small stock solely for this purpose.

Hoping that we'll have this back in stock by early May.


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