TeaMuse Re Vamp! Spring Cleaning!

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Apr 23rd, '07, 15:45
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TeaMuse Re Vamp! Spring Cleaning!

by xine » Apr 23rd, '07, 15:45

TeaMuse is coming back! It's wasn't ever really gone per se, but we have been in somewhat of a transitional period here at Adagio, so TeaMuse has been somewhat of the red-headed stepchild and is sitting on the backburner, feelin' a bit neglected.

However, before we start up again, we'd love to hear any input from what you all want to see in our newsletter- recipes? tea room reviews? pu-erh debates? podcasts? tea pot of the month??

Also, if you would be interested in writing something for the newletter, PM me about your ideas!!


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Apr 23rd, '07, 22:40
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by Mary R » Apr 23rd, '07, 22:40

I first read the "Tea Pot of the Month" suggestion and visions of frilly Victorian confections of teaware floated into my head along with little old ladies droning on endlessly while serving tea to cats in bonnets.

"Ugh...tea pot of the month? Dude, why?" (Because my internal monologue is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle today...or a stoner, which is far more likely given the whole acid trip vibe of aforementioned envisionment.)

But then I thought about all the different types of pots out they all have different cultural purposes and such, and I thought about all the different materials used to make pots, and about the different styles they are made in, the forms preferred throughout history, and the different craftsmen who make them. And what about the crazy modern art students innovating classic teaware forms? Or the functionality of teapots like the ingenuiTea?

That could be such a cool column! I'm excited!

God, I am such a nerd. :)

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