Ok, confused on Lipton

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Jan 30th, '07, 00:38
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Ok, confused on Lipton

by hop_goblin » Jan 30th, '07, 00:38

Ok, I was strolling through my local Oriental grocery store for some asian spices and decided to check out the tea isle. Anyhow, I had seen a box that read Lipton Yellow Label. I had never heard of this stuff so I bought me a box to try. It cost around 2 dollars more than the "regular" Lipton black tea, but it taste the same to me. Whats the diff??? Anyone??

Jan 31st, '07, 23:23
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by kissmyhuman » Jan 31st, '07, 23:23

From what a quick Google search can gather is that it's a "premium" tea blend with higher quality leaves. Slightly more flavor, less bitterness, and the british still don't like it too much :). Every Lipton product is blended to keep the general "Lipton" taste however.

May 13th, '10, 16:07
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Re: Ok, confused on Lipton

by stratman9 » May 13th, '10, 16:07

I've had Lipton Yellow Label in bag and loose form ever since someone asked me to pick some up for them on a trip to the Caribbean. Oriental, Indian, and other specialty food shops often stock it in the U.S. and Canada.

I find it's a good breakfast tea. It's much stronger (more astringent and a fuller taste) than "regular" Lipton tea, more like an Assam. I usually drink it with sugar and cream.

Someday I'd like to try Lipton Red Label and Lipton Green Label.

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May 19th, '10, 13:50
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Re: Ok, confused on Lipton

by AlexZorach » May 19th, '10, 13:50

I'm honestly not sure if I've tried yellow-label lipton tea or not...but I've had something similar to this:

Once I had some loose-leaf Lipton tea that someone I know had picked up from an Indian import store. I was shocked to find that it was real tea--a completely different category from the stuff in teabags available at the supermarket. It was by no means the best or most complex black tea, I'd say it was average quality for loose tea, but it did really surprise me.

May 24th, '10, 01:00
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Re: Ok, confused on Lipton

by Cael » May 24th, '10, 01:00

I never actually tried the Lipton yellow. I had a friend in college when we first started our weekly tea parties. She said that it was a higher grade than the regular Lipton. It smelled the same to me though. If it is a higher grade it still didn't seem like a taste I wanted to try.

I might want to at least look at that Lipton tea that Alexzora was talking about.

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Jun 24th, '10, 05:07
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Re: Ok, confused on Lipton

by rmisra9 » Jun 24th, '10, 05:07

I use Lipton Yellow Label, and find it 'brighter' than the regular Lipton. Red Label produces a stronger brew.

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