Winter tea?

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Jun 11th, '10, 03:59
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Winter tea?

by RobbieB » Jun 11th, '10, 03:59

It's now winter here in Australia, and It got me wondering what kind of tea do people on this forum prefer to drink during the cold season?
Just thought I would ask because I have found myself drinking less Oolong and green tea, and more black varieties with a tiny bit of milk, particularly chai because I find regular English Breakfast type blends kind of boring.
I've also been drinking much more Lapsang souchong, probably because it's smell and taste just feel warm to me :)
I love it!

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Jun 11th, '10, 07:32
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Re: Winter tea?

by artmom » Jun 11th, '10, 07:32

My favorite teas are blacks; and I tend to drink them "British" style, w/a wee bit of milk in them. I do this summer and winter, because we need the air conditioning on in the summer to keep the humidity down, and I find I still want a nice hot cuppa'. :D

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Jun 11th, '10, 11:24
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Re: Winter tea?

by debunix » Jun 11th, '10, 11:24

The colder and darker the weather, the more I crave smoky earthy dark oolongs and puerhs, with occasional forays into more floral green oolongs and green teas.

Jun 11th, '10, 12:02
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Re: Winter tea?

by Proinsias » Jun 11th, '10, 12:02

In summer I lean towards tea that look like they have just been picked off the bush .In winter I lean towards teas which have been through a lot more between bush and cup - roasted, aged, heavily oxidised, fermented.

On a daily basis I go through a similar cycle - preferring greens and whites in the mornings and more processed teas as the day goes on.

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Jun 11th, '10, 12:58
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Re: Winter tea?

by iannon » Jun 11th, '10, 12:58

I tend to gravitate to Oolongs more so in the winter/fall and Japanese Greens in the spring/summer personally

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Jun 11th, '10, 21:36
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Re: Winter tea?

by Chip » Jun 11th, '10, 21:36

I gravitate to sencha in the winter ... oh wait, that is allll the time! :mrgreen:

I do seem to include more oolong and blacks and pu-erh and a greater diversity of greens in the winter, though sometimes it is for other reasons having nothing to do with the colder weather.

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Jun 11th, '10, 22:57
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Re: Winter tea?

by Dresden » Jun 11th, '10, 22:57

For some reason I tend to drink more herbal tisanes during the winter months.

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Jun 11th, '10, 23:40
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Re: Winter tea?

by teashionista » Jun 11th, '10, 23:40

I tend to drink more oxidized oolongs (Wu Yi, traditional-style TGY and Dong Ding), blacks (Chinese and Indian), and houjicha in winter. Here in the Pacific NW the dreary gray sky makes me want something warm and toasty in my cup! :)

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Jun 12th, '10, 15:35
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Re: Winter tea?

by entropyembrace » Jun 12th, '10, 15:35

I drink more roasted oolong in cold weather and less roasted oolong in hot weather. It´s not the oxidation that matters it´s all in the roast ^_^

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