Nabob in USA?

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Dec 16th, '08, 00:05
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Nabob in USA?

by Coach Old Guy » Dec 16th, '08, 00:05

Hi Folks,

This is my first post and I am so glad I found this forum.
My wife's grandmother was born in Canada and has lived here in California since 1952. Each time she visits relatives in Canada she comes back with Nabob tea. I have just fallen in love with this tea but I am unable to find a way to purchase and have it shipped here.

Does anyone know of a supplier of this wonderful tea?

It is Nabob Orange Pekoe.

Thanks in advance.


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Dec 16th, '08, 00:55
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by chamekke » Dec 16th, '08, 00:55

Can't say I've ever tried it, or even noticed it (actually, the name Nabob makes me think of the coffee!), but my husband says he's seen it at the grocery store.

The eBay seller US-Canadian Border Store has sold it in the past, so you might want to try him. It's also apparently sold on, although it's "currently not available".

Jan 7th, '09, 15:27
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Save Nabob Tea

by mmccrae » Jan 7th, '09, 15:27

I have created a Facebook group to share info on Nabob Tea.

Feb 12th, '09, 23:31
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by bettyboop5871 » Feb 12th, '09, 23:31

im sorry to inform you nabob tea drinkers in the us but they are not making nabob tea anymore, i know cause that was my grandmothers favorite tea and when she could not find it my aunt called the company and they stated that in fact they are not making it anymore, sorry to have to tell you that :(

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Feb 19th, '09, 07:43
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by tjausti » Feb 19th, '09, 07:43

A quick google search under shopping turns up plenty of merchants that claim to have it in stock, though it also turns up plenty of angry people saying exactly what is stated above. apparently they are selling whats left in inventory. ... allbrands=

Jun 11th, '10, 23:06
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Re: Nabob in USA?

by pineconemj » Jun 11th, '10, 23:06

I grew up on it in the USA.
We used to buy it at Safeway grocery stores when I
was young. When they discontinued it, we drove to Canada and
filled a grocery cart and bought out the store.
Now when friends go to Canada they bring it back.
I can't imagine having to give it up!
It makes the best iced tea also.

I hope this is not true.

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Jun 20th, '10, 22:20
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Re: Nabob in USA?

by sneakers » Jun 20th, '10, 22:20

Sounds like I missed something good, as Nabob was never sold in NY. Does anyone know what kind of tea it was? Orange Pekoe is just a leaf size.

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