Rainbow Tea

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Jun 2nd, '07, 23:10
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Rainbow Tea

by Desire With An A » Jun 2nd, '07, 23:10

A customer of mine requested an herbal loose tea called Rainbow Tea. I had never heard of it, but it sounds really good. It represents every color in the rainbow with red (rose hips), orange (orange peel), yellow (lemon peel), green (parsley), blue (cornflowers), and violet (lavender flowers). The most interesting part is that once brewed the tea is actually a golden yellow - like a pot of gold. I think this would be a great addition.


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Jun 3rd, '07, 00:01
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by Mary R » Jun 3rd, '07, 00:01

I'd try it, if only for the novelty. And the colors. Colors make me happy.

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Jun 3rd, '07, 01:50
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by Space Samurai » Jun 3rd, '07, 01:50


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