If you could go to the World Tea Expo, would you?

Hells yes! It broke my heart when I found out it was vendors only.
Meh. Maybe if a mystical pixie paid my travel expenses.
Seriously? I mean, come one...do you even *have* a social life?
No votes
N.O. It's in Atlanta. Sherman burned that town for a reason.
Total votes: 12

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Jun 8th, '07, 23:33
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The World Tea Expo: Would You Go?

by Mary R » Jun 8th, '07, 23:33

I got a weird e-mail today from someone assuming I'd be at the WTE because of my very tiny, insignificant blog and it got me thinking...would I go if I could?

So I decided to pull a Tomasini and poll. :wink:

EDIT: Shooooot. Please ignore that I wrote 'one' instead of 'on' in option three.

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Jun 9th, '07, 02:09
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by Space Samurai » Jun 9th, '07, 02:09

I thought about going, started thinking about how I was going to manage it, but fortunately (cos I can't really afford the trip) I had other obligations. One of those obligations was an unpleasant eight hours spent on the phone with tech support.

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Jun 9th, '07, 11:59
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by augie » Jun 9th, '07, 11:59

Would definately crash it if it were in Indy! I've driven around Atlanta once -- can't imagine driving through it.

You go MaryR . . . it's only what . . . 110 degrees there this time of year?

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Jun 10th, '07, 19:01
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by Mary R » Jun 10th, '07, 19:01

Oh, I'm not going. It's a strictly vendors only affair, and I'm no vendor. Besides, Atlanta's insane.

Now...if I were independently wealthy, I might brave the insanity to crash the party. :)

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Jun 10th, '07, 19:49
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by InfuseMe » Jun 10th, '07, 19:49

Hey, I live in Atlanta! What's with all the animosity toward my ATL?

Also, I live about 3 miles from the downtown convention area, and hells yes I would have gone if it had been open to the public!

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Jun 10th, '07, 21:47
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by Mary R » Jun 10th, '07, 21:47

Aw, it's all in good fun. I'm sure Atlanta is a lovely place once you get to know it, but if you don't...well, the traffic alone is enough to make you wonder if Atlanta should be featured somewhere in Dante's Inferno.

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Jun 11th, '07, 10:45
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by InfuseMe » Jun 11th, '07, 10:45

Atlanta is definitely the girl at the party you have to get to know before she wins you over. I moved here for grad school and it was a good year before I felt like I could say I liked it here. I maintain my sanity by living, working, and going to school within walking distance of MARTA stations, so I rarely drive anywhere. Which makes me NOT your typical Atlantan, slaves to their cars, all of 'em!

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Jun 11th, '07, 13:57
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by wanna-be buddha » Jun 11th, '07, 13:57

I'd love to go, regardless of the location. It's like E3 in the sense that the industry-only requirement has made it even more alluring. At least, if you're a tremendous dork like me. I'm sure I'd just wander around the dealer's rooms goggling the goods and emptying my wallet, but that in and of itself would be pretty fun.

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Jun 12th, '07, 13:29
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by xine » Jun 12th, '07, 13:29

I had a lot of fun this weekend- esp. since it was my first show. Of course, I went with Adagio, so I didn't have to worry about my expenses (yay for business trips). I learned a lot of stuff, met lots of cool people from other businesses, got lots of samples for lots of new, cool things, and got to hobnob and drink lots of different teas. I know my description is very vague, but it was also a very tiring weekend, and I saw this post last night (while waiting in ATL for my flight. which was delayed. @#$#$%@#$@) but couldn't muster enough concentration to reply back to it.

If you do get a chance to go, and can afford to, and are interested in getting into the tea industry, the WTE is very accessible- the tea industry itself is not a huge one, and is part of other larger industries (specialty beverage, gourmet foods, etc), and the demographic that is representative is more of the gourmet/gourmet tea industry (no lipton, tetley, etc etc, like the crazy big kids).

Next year it is back in Vegas. I didn't have too much of a problem in ATL, but I didn't go around as I liked, excpet for this one awesome teahouse. I walked through Centennial Park everyday on the way to the expo, and it was hot as hell. I couldn't even stand to have a cigarette in the middle of the day because it was so hot. ick. hehe.

Mary, could you perhaps go as press next year? I would suggest checking it out.


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Jun 12th, '07, 15:13
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by Mary R » Jun 12th, '07, 15:13

xine wrote:Mary, could you perhaps go as press next year?
That...makes a lot of sense, actually. This whole thread was spawned because I was so flummoxed as to why my e-mailer thought I would be going. I didn't even think about press.

However, as interesting as the expo would be, I can't justify the use of vacation days for a little hobby. It would be much different if it was part of my job...hence why it's probably Industry-Only. :)

I'm glad you had a great time, Xine. It sounds fantastic!

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Jun 12th, '07, 16:21
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by Space Samurai » Jun 12th, '07, 16:21

I can justify. Justification, not a problem over here.

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