Disposal Fee

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Jun 29th 10 3:43 am
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Disposal Fee

by SaratogaJerry » Jun 29th 10 3:43 am

I used the much praised customer service at Adagio and tried to return a teapot through the website. It is trying to deduct 35% from my refund credit request.

From the webpage at http://www.adagio.com/faq/return_policy.html on Mon Jun 28 20:09:36 PDT 2010 under "When do disposal fees apply?"
A disposal fee of 35% applies to tea that have been opened, tried, and returned due to customer's dislike of the product. Since the product is no longer usable for resale, the fee covers a small percentage of the company's loss. Due to health code reasons, we must dispose any tea returned to us. We advise trying sample sizes before buying large quantities of any tea.
35% is high but some justification is given. However, a teapot is not tea and what I am trying to return is saleable. According to the answer, I think it is clear that a teapot is not subject to the 35% fee.

Does anyone know how I return this product without the 35% fee?


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Jun 29th 10 4:07 am
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Re: Disposal Fee

by Geekgirl » Jun 29th 10 4:07 am

Call ahead for an RMA?

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Jul 4th 10 9:24 pm
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Re: Disposal Fee

by ilya » Jul 4th 10 9:24 pm

The 35% disposal fee normally effects tea since we are forced to throw out whatever has been returned. Additionally it effects teaware that has been used and is unable to be resold.