New TeaMuse!

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Jun 20th, '07, 11:35
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New TeaMuse!

by xine » Jun 20th, '07, 11:35

Hey guys, I've been working on some ideas and a new layout for if anyone's ever interested in writing something for TeaMuse contact me!!!!!! I would love you forever.

Writing for teamuse includes:

-reviews for teahouses in your area (which would be awesome, because I cannot travel outside the ny-nj-ct-pa area frequently, but I do make occasional visits to DC/Maryland but yeah- we have customers all over the country/world, so I'm sure they would appreciate any coverage)
-product write ups (either on Adagio products and teas, or fun things in the tea industry- I love this stuff! Please suggest any cool new thingys that we all should know about!)
-food and tea (i really want to make this more of a part of the newsletter, as I love to cook and bake and drink tea. We are going to try to work something with TeaChef)
-social events/histories with tea (how to start a tea meet-up group, I met my wife/husband at a tea room, tea changed my life, etc. Cheesy? Whateverr)
-anything else!

Please pm or email me with any suggestions to stuff you want me to write, or if you want to write, etc etc.