lemongrass jasmine

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Jul 21st, '10, 12:36
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lemongrass jasmine

by TwoPynts » Jul 21st, '10, 12:36

I tried some lemongrass jasmine herbal tea today from sumbody.com (Out of stock - http://www.sumbody.com/products01.php?subCAT=45). Seeping for 3-4 minutes produced a lovely light golden tincture. The combination of herbs created quite a soothing yet refreshing aroma. The taste is light but not too floral. I suppose the lemongrass helps give it more of a tea character that other herbals I've had. It is slightly sweet with citrus notes but a dry back of the throat finish. My 1oz. sample is probably a bit too old for optimal flavor, but I enjoyed it. I can see how it would act as a good palate cleanser (as the label claims). The flavor remained mild and pleasant as it cooled, still smelling wonderful.

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