How about using dissecant bags

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Jul 30th, '10, 09:16
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How about using dissecant bags

by skilfautdire » Jul 30th, '10, 09:16

We always get those dissecant (sp? - silical gel) packets in the nori that we regularly buy. Can these packets be put inside sturdy 'aluminium' bags used to store tea eg. on top of the tea before closing the bag ?

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Jul 30th, '10, 10:54
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Re: How about using dissecant bags

by TwoPynts » Jul 30th, '10, 10:54

I myself would be wary of putting it directly in contact with the tea, but there is really no evidence that food grade desiccants are harmful in any way or would change the flavor. I little empty tea bag filled with some salt or rice might do the trick too, though not for long term and I don't know if they might alter the character of the tea.

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Aug 22nd, '10, 01:33
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Re: How about using dissecant bags

by ABx » Aug 22nd, '10, 01:33

I've had pretty good luck with them; just remember that you don't want to dry out the tea entirely.

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