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Jul 30th, '10, 13:13
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Question about Stash

by Capella » Jul 30th, '10, 13:13

I was introduced to Stash's Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut black tea thanks to a friend spotting me 5 teabags. I fell in love and want some of my own. Now I'm looking at their website, and I see that they have teabags in various numbers, and looseleaf tea available in 50g and100g.

The problem is, I can't figure out an estimate of how many cups of tea that would make me. Can anyone help? I usually use 1 teaspoon (measuring teaspoon) of black tea per cup, so if I had 50g of tea, about how many cups might that make?

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Jul 30th, '10, 13:18
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Re: Question about Stash

by entropyembrace » Jul 30th, '10, 13:18

probably about 16 to 25 cups of tea depending on how dense it is and if you use a heaping teaspoon or level.

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Jul 30th, '10, 13:27
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Re: Question about Stash

by geeber1 » Jul 30th, '10, 13:27

Plus, you can steep many black teas at least twice.

Aug 4th, '10, 23:15
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Re: Question about Stash

by mitchell » Aug 4th, '10, 23:15

I was told today that 50 g = 25-27 cups, 100 g = 50-52 cups. +/- to your taste, of course.

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