Aug 9th, '10, 17:49
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Sulfite Allergy, what teas to choose from?

by Ekeh Mayu » Aug 9th, '10, 17:49


I admittedly don't know much about tea, but as my friend has recently discovered a tea allergen or sensitivity to sulfite, a certain number (hopefully not all teas) will be crossed off the list.
Some suggest tea in general has the sulfite, and others stated that it was instant tea (and tea concentrates).

Is there a site, ingredients list, brand, or any tips on tea that is sulfite free? It makes sense why it is in instant tea mixes for a preservatives; but perhaps natural offered teas provide free of sulfite?

Thank you for your assistance tea timers.

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Aug 9th, '10, 19:53
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Re: Sulfite Allergy, what teas to choose from?

by entropyembrace » Aug 9th, '10, 19:53

avoid flavoured teas especially if they have pieces of dry fruit in them as those may have sulfites and stay away from instant tea (yuck)

try loose leaf, unflavoured tea that should be fine :) My Mom has severe sulfite allergies and has no problems with unflavoured loose leaf tea. I have some sulfite allergy too and no problems but I´m not quite as sensitive to it as she is.

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